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Status Updates

Here are the newest status updates from my Mastodon account for latest server information.

I recommend to follow it anyway to get updates even if the server is down.

linuxcult: “The upgrade to debian 10.9 and…”

The upgrade to debian 10.9 and prosody 0.11.9 went without any problems.

If you experience any problems, please report via email.

-- happy chatting!

linuxcult: “On sunday, may 16 2021 (CEST) …”

On sunday, may 16 2021 (CEST) there will be a bigger upgrade of the server, so there will be a downtime of up to 3 hours if all goes well.

linuxcult: “The #xmpp server update is don…”

The server update is done. No problems. All systems are up and running again.

- Happy Chatting!

linuxcult: “UPDATE: …”

Of course the server maintenance is on 7th MARCH 2021 not 7th feb as stated in the last post!

Thanks to @u_urban for making me aware of this!

linuxcult: “XMPP server maintenance on sun…”

XMPP server maintenance on sun, 7th feb 2021 CET

Because there is a rather big update to Debian 10 (Buster) and also for the prosody XMPP server, I need to take the server down for a longer period to do a full backup in order to be able to roll the system back to a running state in case of failure.

This will be done some time on sunday, 7th of february 2021 (CET). So expect XMPP to not being available.

I don't expect the outage to be longer than 3 hours if no problems arise.

linuxcult: “The kernel upgrade is done and…”

The kernel upgrade is done and the system has rebooted.

All services are up and running again.

Happy chatting!

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