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Status Updates

Here are the newest status updates from my Mastodon account for latest server information.

I recommend to follow it anyway to get updates even if the server is down.

linuxcult: “The upgrade to debian 10.6 is …”

The upgrade to debian 10.6 is done.

There was an update to prosody 0.11.7 too which went fine. I also updated all used prosody modules.

Everything should work as expected now.

linuxcult: “Some time on the weekend from …”

Some time on the weekend from friday, 2nd October 2020 to sunday, 4th October 2020 I'll upgrade the XMPP server from debian 10.5 to debian 10.6.
The server has to be restarted, so all connections will be cut off and have to be reestablished when the server comes up again.

I'll keep the downtime as short as possible and hopefully there won't be any unexpected problems.

linuxcult: “The update to prosody 0.11.6 i…”

The update to prosody 0.11.6 is done.

Everything should work as expected now.

linuxcult: “Some time during the weekend f…”

Some time during the weekend from friday, 11th September 2020 to sunday, 13th September 2020 there will be a bigger maintenance because of the upgrade of the XMPP server from prosody 0.11.5 to prosody 0.11.6.

Because I don't want to stay up all night, the maintenance will be between 10:00 and 22:00 CEST on one of these days.

Hopefully there won't be any unexpected problems. In this case the downtime won't exceed 3 hours (hopefully).

linuxcult: “Maintenance for XMPP on tuesda…”

Maintenance for XMPP on tuesday, 1st september 2020 22:00 CEST.

If no unexpected problems arise, the downtime won't exceed 2 to 3 hours.

linuxcult: “Because of the update to debia…”

Because of the update to debian 10.5 (buster) the XMPP- and web-server must be taken down and be restarted. Also I have to change some other things, so the downtime will last a little longer, but shouldn't exceed 3 hours.

I will take the server offline in the night from sunday, 9th of august 2020 to monday, 10th august 2020 during the maintenance.

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