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Status Updates

Here are the newest status updates from my Mastodon account for latest server information.

I recommend to follow it anyway to get updates even if the server is down.

linuxcult: “The upgrade to Debian 11.1 is …”

The upgrade to Debian 11.1 is done and went without problems. If you experience any difficulties or errors, please write email to

-- Happy Chatting

linuxcult: “Between Saturday, 30th October…”

Between Saturday, 30th October and Sunday, 31st October 2021 CEST I'll upgrade the XMPP server to Debian 11.1, which is a bigger upgrade. Due to that, I'll take a full offline disk snapshot, just in case.

So this upgrade will be a little bit more complicated than usual and may result in a longer downtime. So expect that on this weekend.

-- Happy Chatting

linuxcult: “On the weekend from 18th to 19…”

On the weekend from 18th to 19th September 2021 I'll remove old accounts on the XMPP server. I'll delete ALL accounts, that didn't log in for a year and ALL accounts that never logged in.

So you should log into your account before that date to make sure it doesn't get deleted in case you still want to use it.

-- Happy Chatting!

linuxcult: “The upgrade to Debian 11 Bulls…”

The upgrade to Debian 11 Bullseye is done. There were some minor problems and some tweaking was needed due to the upgrade to PHP7.4. But after all, all systems seem to operate properly again.

PLEASE: If you experience any problems or difficulties with the website or the XMPP server, send email to and describe your problem.

-- Happy Chatting!

linuxcult: “Between Saturday, the 11th Sep…”

Between Saturday, the 11th September 2021, and Sunday, 12th September 2021, I'll upgrade the Web/XMPP server from Debian Buster (10) to Debian Bullseye (11) as stated in the blog post below. Because this is a major upgrade, there will maybe be some unforeseen problems. So expect some longer downtimes on this weekend.

I can't say how long the downtimes will last but expect more than one.

Blog Post:

linuxcult: “The upgrade and maintenance on…”

The upgrade and maintenance on Monday, 09. August 2021 went without problems. All services are up and running again.

In case you have any problems, write an email and describe what's wrong.

-- Happy Chatting!

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